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Children’s Dentistry in Lyons and Inman, KS

How old do you think your child should be during their first visit to Lyons Dental Care or Inman Dental Care? A lot of our patients are surprised to learn that children’s dentistry can begin as early as one year. In fact, that is a highly recommended age to visit as it allows Dr. Brian Kynaston, Dr. Matthew Perry, or Dr. Seth Prochaska, and the teams at Lyons Dental Care and Inman Dental Care to meet your kids.

Getting an early start with children’s dentistry has an amazing number of benefits:

  • It allows us to ensure your kids have a very positive experience of oral healthcare
  • It gets kids started on a life-long habit of good oral hygiene habits
  • It eliminates risks of dental anxiety that can become a painful and costly situation for adults
  • It ensures their baby teeth are healthy and that their gums and adult teeth remain on track; including the use of early intervention with orthodontics if needed
  • It allows our team to help you discover any health issues that are often closely linked to dental issues, i.e. diabetes, asthma and so on
  • It provides your kids with the means of learning the best ways to brush and floss

This might seem like a lot, but children’s dentistry is a truly savvy way to ensure your children get off to the best possible start where oral health and hygiene are concerned.

What Does Children’s Dentistry Involve?

As a form of preventative dentistry, it is going to involve all of the same treatments that adults receive once or twice per year. We highly recommend you get your children on a six-month schedule as so much can change so rapidly in a child’s oral health.
During their visits they will have a full oral health exam, a thorough and agreeable cleaning, their gums and soft tissue will be checked, and the alignment of their bite is checked, too.

As your children’s baby teeth emerge, are lost and replaced with permanent teeth, we can also ensure that their alignment is optimal. This can be an ideal way to reduce or eliminate the need for very costly orthodontics treatments. At the very least, it can allow our dentists to help you anticipate certain issues and alleviate some of the worst symptoms or problems that would occur if left unattended.

Getting Started

We are happy to meet new patients as young as one year, and take children of all ages into our children’s dentistry programs. As a simple and effective way to avoid tooth decay, ensure the long-term oral health, and make dental care a permanent part of everyday life, it really pays to introduce your kids to dentistry early in life. We have a team dedicated to making dentistry a positive experience for all kids. To learn more, contact us online or by calling our Lyons office at (620) 257-5193 or our Inman office at (620) 585-6766.



“I receive excellent care at McPherson Dental Care. Everyone from the Dentist to the Hygienist to the Office Staff do a great job.”

Anonymous - Patient

“By far my best experience at dentist. The staff were great from the minute I walked in to the minute I left. Dr. Perry was awesome as well as the rest of the staff, I would recommend this office to everyone!”

Chad R. - Patient

“I receive excellent care at McPherson Dental Care. Everyone from the Dentist to the Hygienist to the Office Staff do a great job

Anonymous - Patient

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