Not to turn Hollywood into the criminal here, but they tend to be a great re-enforcer of common dental myths.  Here are a few of them – debunked, of course. 

Dentist Visits are Painful

This is only true if you are a bad brusher/flosser and have allowed your teeth to slowly decay.  Restorative surgeries (like root canals) can definitely lead to a painful recovery, but at least dentists use anesthetics during surgery.

The truth is, while most people may find the dentist slightly uncomfortable, they definitely can’t call it painful.  No need to run screaming from the dentist’s office like you see in the movies.

Candy is the Ultimate Enemy

Every Halloween movie has some cynical adult commenting on the evils of giving children so much candy for Halloween.  “The sugar will wreak havoc on their teeth!”

This is also based on a half-truth.  Candy can be bad for your teeth – especially very sugary, sticky ones.  But there are several other foods that are just as damaging.  Carbohydrates also react with the bacteria in your mouth and can eat away at your teeth.  Chips, bread, and crackers can be just as bad as candy.

Children get more cavities than adults

This is another common misconception that is associated with candy, Halloween, and children in the movies.  Adults are naturally stronger than children in every way, right?  Those poor little baby teeth just don’t stand a chance against those sweets!

Again, not really true.  Adult teeth are just as susceptible to developing cavities as little kid teeth are.  So parents, you can’t eat more candy than your kids and say it’s because you have stronger teeth.  Sorry.  You have to exercise as much control over yourself as you do your kids.

Can you think of specific movie moments that portray these myths (or others)?  Share with us below!