When you think of animals with many, large, or scary teeth, your first thought is probably something like a shark or a saber-tooth lion. You probably never thought about deer, ducks, or camels have terrifying teeth. However, there are certain breeds of these animals that have exactly that.

Saber-toothed Deer

This animal is not your typical Bambi. It is more commonly known as the musk deer in Eurasia where it hails from.   Much like a deer in every way except for its enormous fangs, it is actually genetically distinct from real deer.  The animal gets the name “musk deer” from the strong scent they leave behind to mark their territory.  The fangs are used mostly to battle against other males in mating disputes.


You will never look at ducks the same after seeing a Goosander. This waterfowl has 150 razor-sharp teeth used to slice through fish. However, it has also been known to slice through mammals and even other birds. This species can be found in rivers and lakes in most of North America and Eurasia. Be careful the next time you try to feed the local birds.


This is one of the most disturbing and bizarre creatures you could find.  They have massive lower canines that curl up like fangs frightening just about anyone.  They also have upper canines that are backwards and curl up with the lower ones.  Much like the musk deer above these “deer pigs” slash at each other during mating disputes.  The Babirusa must continually grind them down.  Otherwise, they will continue to grow into the animal’s skull with fatal results.